Name: José María Lorda Iñarra.
: 15 de Septiembre de 1963.
: Avenida de Barañain, nº 15, 6º B.

N.I.F.: 18.195.345 E.



  • E.G.B., B.U.P. y C.O.U. in the P.P. Jesuitas School in Pamplona.
  • Technical Mechanical Engineer, in the Technical School “EL SARIO”.


  • “Quality Management Course” A.E.C.C. (108 h).
  • “Technical Quality System and Assessment Training” L.R.Q.A. (40 h).
  • “Quality Assessment Practise” A.E.C.C. (42 h).
  • “Quality System Assessor” British Standard Institute (BSI) and recognize by the Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA) with the qualification of Expert Assessor of BSI.
  • "PYMES Manager Course" Marketing Club of Navarra (300 h).
  • “Environment Assessment, ISO 14000” D. Martín Beorlegui (50 h).
  • "P.R.L. Course" Intermediate Oficial level. (350 h) (Laboral Hazard Prevention)
  • “Experimental Design (Taguchy´s Technical)” D. Rafael Romero (35 h).
  • “Level II in N.D.T. of dye penetrant and Industrial Radiography”.
  • “Quality Control Statistics” (100 h).
  • “Téchnical and Commercial English” (110 h).
  • “Equipment Maintenance” D. Emilio Lezana ( 20 h).
  • “Safety and Hygienist” D. José María Orueta (21 h).
  • “S.O.S. Course” Red Cross (200 h).
  • “Manager Camping” oficial qualification. (500 h).


Computer experience:

English: Medium level.

French: Medium level.



09/86 - 01/88 Non destructive testing Manager in the Laboratory of CETENASA:

Principal knowledge:

  • Mechanical testing.
  • N.D.T.: Dye penetrant and Industrial Radiography.
  • Macro and micrography.

01/87 - 08/87 Laboratory Manager in M.A.P.S.A. in Orcoyen (NAVARRA) manufacture aluminium

metal rim for tires and valves and general pieces in aluminium.

Principal responsabilities:

01/88 - 04/90 Quality Control Manager in TELMA, S.A., in Arre (NAVARRA)

Manufacture electrical brakes for trucks and buses.

Principal responsabilities:

01/88 - 04/90 Technical appraiser in the Pamplona´s Court.

04/90 - 12/94 Quality Assurance Manager in CENTRACERO, S.A., in Murieta (NAVARRA)

Manufacture inox centricasting tubes and pieces for petrochemical industry.

Principal responsabilities:

Number nº 922577 of Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance L.R.Q.A.

  • Dye penetrant and Industrial Radiography
  • Pneumatic and hydrostatic testing.

12/94 - 10/96 Quality Manager in MB PAMPLONA, S.A., in Beriain (NAVARRA)

Manufacture stamp and welding pieces for the automotive industry.

  • Mechanical and chemical testing.
  • Surface treatment for non corrosive


10/96 - 01/99 Quality Manager in SANAPLAS, in Huarte-Pamplona (NAVARRA)

Manufacture insulating and pieces in polyestiren (EPS) and polipropylen (EPP)

for automotive, construction, alimentary and packing industries.

Principal responsabilities:

  • Implemented and maintenance a quality system according ISO 9002.

Number nº 957475 of Lloyd`s Register Quality Assurance L.R.Q.A.

  • Implemented and maintenancea quality system according VDA 6.1,

Assessment value level B ( 86 % ).

  • Planning and implemented the Laboratory
  • Mechanical and chemical testing
  • Process control: reception, process, final.
  • Implemented technical motivate: planning suggerences, mitting...
  • Implemented and maintenance improvement groups.
  • Training and Information new people.
  • Cost control quality-non quality.
  • Quality planning.
  • Internal assessments.
  • Supplier assessments.
  • Training and calibrate planning.
  • Implemented new technical: Amfes, Taguchy, Poka Yoke...

01/99 - Assesor and Training in Quality, Environment and P.R.L.

Principal: control and implemented laboratories, implemented and maintenance standards ISO 9000, ISO 14000, QS9000, VDA 6.1, Internal and external assessments, Cost control, Quality planning, Training planning, Planning new people, Calibration planning, Process control: reception, process, final, Flow diagram, SPC, Capacity analyses, Improvement technical: Amfes, Taguchy, “5S”, Improvement group, Suggerences planning, motiv mitting....

Assessor acting on behalf of Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance LRQA